M3/1M Rear Upper Control Arm Upgrade Kit - Xi Compatible

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Wanting more control and improved handling from your non-M 1 or 3-Series? This is not only an extremely common handling upgrade, but one of the best upgrades you can do. These M3 control arms are one piece of solid aluminum instead of your factory control arms which are weak sheet-metal. If your BMW has power upgrades or sportier tires the factory arms flex and twist, causing lack of stability and unpredictable handling.

That's where the M3 control arms really shine. They feature a much sturdier design with a sealed monoball bushing that allows the arms to rotate instead of twisting. You can expect much more predicable and precise handling, without losing your ride quality. There are absolutely zero drawbacks to this upgrade.


  • M3 rear upper guide links
  • M3 rear upper wishbone arms
  • ABS brackets

For a further upgrade, subframe bushings and sway bars can also be adapted from the M3.

Kit includes:

Qty 2: BMW-34522283017

Qty 1 : TRW-33322283545

Qty 1 : TRW-33322283546

Qty 1 : TRW-33322283547

Qty 1 : TRW-33322283548


Installation Kit Add-On includes:

Qty 4: BMW-07119906489 - Suspension Control Arm Bolt

Qty 4: BMW-33326760668 - Self Locking Collar Nut

Qty 4: BMW-33306793891 - Suspension Control Arm Bolt