Kelford Cams Stage 3 282 / 278 Street / Race Camshaft Set For 2008-20 Subaru STI

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The Subaru STI EJ257B engine features dual AVCS (Active Valve Control System). This feature enables the builder to extract massive power while retaining great low-end driveability. The Kelford range of camshafts features a very new camshaft design technology termed 'ICE'. This design technique results in an efficiency gain for these engines. No other aftermarket camshaft company offers this approach for the EJ25 engine platform. The Kelford Stage 3 220-D is a cam profile setup for built engines utilizing a large turbo for racing.

Kelford's Stage 3 camshaft set features 282-degree intake cams and 278-degree exhaust cams with 11.50mm / 11.00mm lift. The cams require shimless buckets, cylinder head clearancing for fitment, and are best suited for motors with larger intake manifolds, ported heads, and big turbos.