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SACHS Performance coilover suspensions upgrade tuning cars and offer passionate drivers a driving experience with a clear plus in dynamics, sportiness, and comfort.

Only high-quality monotube gas shock absorbers filled with heavy-duty oil are used for the hightech damper. Their special setup and a valve system allowing for the determination of flexible characteristic curves provide maximum sportiness even in the limit range, also for the use well away from public roads.

The required stiffness and strength are guaranteed by suspension struts, designed as upside-down components. They are able to absorb extreme lateral forces and guarantee an immediate, precise response.

  • Innovative racing technology for the road
  • Technology transfer from original equipment and motorsports
  • Monotube gas pressure technology
  • Upside-down technology from motorsports (highest stiffness)
  • Rapid and precise responsiveness
  • High-quality surface finishing for long-lasting corrosion resistance
  • OE-tested, high-quality racing springs made from highstrength material
  • Individual, rapid, and precise setting and adaptation of the damping to track, tires, and air pressure possible
  • Tested and fine-tuned by renowned tuners, our service partner at the - Nuerburgring, or the engineers of ZF SACHS Race Engineering
  • Made in Germany including TUEV-certification

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About Sachs Performance

SACHS Performance

Coilover Suspension - ZF SACHS Performance height-adjustable coilover suspensions feature sports-oriented responsiveness, long service lives, unparalleled quality, and simple handling, as well as quicker and low-priced installation.

Performance Clutch - ZF SACHS Performance Clutch Kits deliver more transmittable torque and more stability, longer life, and superior thermal resistance. Advantages, that are of great value not only to highly tuned vehicles but also in motorsports.

Competition clutch - The focus of the SACHS Racing clutch system (RCS) is on reducing the weight and moment of inertia (MoI). Competition clutches made by ZF SACHS Germany enable maximum engine acceleration as well as minimum shift duration. The SACHS RCS clutch system can be configured to provide individual solutions for specific vehicles and tracks. Our competition clutches are developed for virtually all racing applications.