BMW 5-Piece M3 Control Arm Upgrade Kit

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NOT X-Drive Compatible!

Upgrade the handling performance of your non M E82/E88 1-series or non M E90/E91/E92/E93 3-series with components originally designed for the E9X M3 and E82 1M

To start off, the non M and M designed suspension are similar in terms of design philosophy which is not surprising when you consider that BMW's M division is working off what BMW already designed. However, there are numerous changes made to the M version control arms which drastically improve handling performance. Because the suspensions are almost identical in design it allows for the 1-Series M and M3 control arms to be installed in their non M counterparts without modification.

The tension struts (big curved control arms) feature a solid rubber inner bushing which reduces deflection and eliminates the hydro bushing weakness which is tearing and leaks. The solid rubber bushing is stiffer which helps tighten up the front suspension without being overly stiff and unforgiving. The lower wishbones (straight control arm) features a sealed inner bearing, also known as a monoball, that allows for the inner part of the control arm to rotate more freely when compared to the non M rubber bushing. This design change also allows for added durability in the long run. The lower control arm is slightly longer which adds approximately .75° of negative camber helping reduce under steer and drastically improving turn in response without having a significant impact on tire read life.


Kit Includes:

Qty 1: 31102283575

Qty 1: 31102283576

Qty 1: 31102283577

Qty 1: 31102283578

Qty 1: BMW-37142283867

Qty 1: BMW-07129905817


Installation Hardware Add-on:

Qty 4: BMW-31106763928 Suspension Control Arm Bolt

Qty 2: BMW-31106767496 Suspension Control Arm Nut

Qty 2: BMW-33326760668 Self Locking Collar Nut