10W60 Synthoil Race Tech GT1 Engine Oil (1 Liter) - Liqui Moly LM2068

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The same oil we use in our S65 M3 on track!

Product Information

Fully synthetic energy-conserving motor oil for extreme conditions. With the wide range viscosity 10W-60. High thermal stability. Lubrication is also reliably maintained at extreme temperatures. Fine-tuned to the demands of the latest generation power units.


  • outstanding engine cleanliness
  • high lubrication reliability
  • tested for catalytic converters
  • optimum stability to aging
  • optimum lubrication in extreme operating conditions
  • rapid oil delivery at low temperatures
  • extremely low oil consumption
  • extremely low evaporation loss

Specifications and approvals

  • ACEA A3
  • ACEA B4
  • API SL
  • API CF
  • Fiat 9.55535-H3

Areas of application

Specially developed for motor sports. Suitable all year for petrol and diesel engines under sporty use. Tested safe with catalytic converters and turbochargers. LIQUI MOLY recommends this oil for BMW M-series cars without turbocharged engines.

5 Liter available

About Liqui Moly

LIQUIMOLY was founded in 1957 in Ulm on the river Danube. The patent for the production of molybdenum disulfide formed the basis for the company. This additive based on liquified molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) was the company's first product and gave the company its name. Today, LIQUIMOLY's main product is motor oil with MoS2 molybdenum disulfide which enhances the lubrication quality of the oil and offers emergency operating protection under harsh conditions. It can be added to oils including gear oil, engine oil, transmission oil or differentials oils. Today, MoS2 is used in excess of 4,000 products: engine and gear oils, additives and vehicle care products, workshop equipment, and service products. In Germany, LIQUIMOLY is one of the leading producers of engine oils and is the undisputed market leader when it comes to additives. Germany remains the main marketplace, but LIQUIMOLY products are now sold in over 120 countries.